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PFERD spiral drills are fully ground, right-hand turning versions that produces precise drilled holes due to its high concentricity and exact centring. PFERD offers spiral drills in STEEL (118° point angle) and INOX (135° point angle) types suitable for industrial use.

All PFERD drills are completely ground spiral drills. They are ground both in the chip flute and guide chamfer as well as the drill tip. All PFERD drills are also cross ground. This makes the drill suitable for highly precise positioning on the workpiece and supports centring during the drilling application.

Set contains 19 HSS STEEL drill bits from 1.0mm to 10mm in 0.5mm increments.

- Suitable for universal use on steel, cast steel, grey cast iron, annealed cast iron, bronze, brass, plastics and aluminium.
- Easy Centring.
- Long Tool life.
- Good Chip Removal.
- Consistent diameter throughout drill bit length.
- Compact design of storage case facilitates easy selection and withdrawal of individual drill bits.

- Diameter : 1,0mm - 13,0mm
- STEEL HSSG (M2) version
- 118° Point Angle
- Helix Angle : 25 – 30°

Operating Instructions:
- Observe the recommended rotational speed.
- Only use machines that are intended for use with the relevant tool.
- When cutting metals, use suitable cutting fluid or cooling fluid. (Smoother drilling action and extended service life.)
- Ensure correct Personal Protective Equipment is worn while using the tool.

For further operating instructions or product information, please visit or any of our social media pages.


Pferd Drill - HSS

PriceFrom R13.00
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