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Black Dragon Force - MKI Postbox Forge


The Postbox forge is perfectly suited for the beginner and professional alike and offers the smith a wide range of control over the environment in the forge chamber. Need to run hot and fast in an oxidizing atmosphere or low and slow in a reducing atmosphere? No problem in the Postbox forge. The gas pressure is controlled via the adjustable high-pressure regulator and the amount of air being introduced into the forge is controlled by the yellow slider located on the burner.


The MKI Postbox forge features a compact and portable design that can operate from a single 16 kg LP Gas cylinder. The forge chamber is vibratory cast from a high quality, high heat refractory cement rated at 1350 degrees Celsius. The forge is easy to operate and at 40kPa pressure, consumes 0.5 kg of LP Gas per hour.

Each Postbox Forge Comes Complete With:

  •  1 X Black Dragon MKI Post-box Forge Chamber and Lid
  •  1 X High Pressure (HP) LPG Regulator
  •  1 X Dragon Burner
  •  1 X LPG Hose (1 Meter) and 2 X Hose Clamps


  • LP Gas cylinder NOT included.
  • Excludes pressure indicator gauge as shown in the assembly video on YouTube.

Black Dragon Force - MKI Postbox Forge

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