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Black Dragon Forge - Home Foundry / Smelting Furnace


An efficient, economical LP gas-powered Melting Foundry. Designed for metalsmiths, jewellers and refiners. This high-temperature, fast-melting furnace is designed with a powerful Black Dragon Burner to heat up to 1350°C.


It efficiently melts gold, silver, copper, aluminium, brass, bronze and other metals!

The unit is sold as complete and is ready to use. Works with standard 9kg, 16kg, 19kg or 48kg LP Gas cylinders. Suitable for A6, A7, A8 and A10 Crucibles


Comes Complete With:

  •  1 X Foundry Chamber
  •  1 X Foundry Lid
  •  1 X Spacer Block
  •  1 X High Pressure (HP) LPG Regulator
  •  1 X Dragon Burner
  •  1 X LPG Hose (1 Meter) and 2 X Hose Clamps



  • LP Gas cylinder(s) NOT included.
  • Crucible NOT included.
  • Crucible Tongs are NOT included.

Black Dragon Forge - Home Foundry / Smelting Furnace

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